Sunday, November 28, 2010

New RV storage opens in New England

Winter in New England is not the best experience for your RV!  However, there is now a new INDOOR storage facility located not far from Boston and Manchester NH and Nashua, NH that seems to be just what those looking to preserve their RVs may be looking for.  It's called Indoor Oversize Storage and is located on Rt 101A in Milford, New Hampshire.

Regardless of the long term winter weather forecast, RV repair experts say that winter is HARSH toward RVs with snow and ice and cold weather to wreak havoc on seams and joins and compounds.  INDOOR and HEATED are two words your RV will thank you for with many more years of good appearance and RV memories.

Rates and directions are posted on the company website at

Here is a quick tour of the facility and an interview with Steve, the owner of the building, which is a former paper company warehouse.

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