Saturday, November 20, 2010

Free Whopper or Chicken Sandwich from Burger King

Every RVer likes a free meal. Even if you dine at the finest restaurants in the US, at one time, you will probably stop at a Burger King. Well, I just had that occasion to do so and I found something very interesting on the back of my receipt.

If you call an 800 number within 24 hours of your purchase and answer some survey questions, they will give you a code for a FREE WHOPPER OR CHICKEN SANDWICH, when you purchase a drink and fries. They give you a code and you redeem the same receipt for your free food.

I think its a great value. With the price of fuel for my RV going higher every day, a free sandwich is a nice deal.

This store was in Worcester, MA. Don't know if it is a national program.

And, just a warning.  Do not try to access the DRIVE THRU in an RV.  And be careful driving in and out due to big overhangs on these restaurants that can rip a huge hole in your RV!


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