Sunday, October 31, 2010

PUMPING your own fuel, or WATCHING who does!

As I pulled into my regular fuel station this morning, I noticed that the person who usually pumps my gas was not there.  I also noticed that the person that was there, seemed to be a bit confused on how to run the pumps.  Lots of time between transactions and the line was beginning to form.

Something in my gut told me to take extra care today.

Well, I was right.  Just as the attendant was about to fill my DIESEL tank with GASOLINE, I noticed the mistake and was able to stop him before he squeezed the trigger!  And expensive misfire if I was not attentive.

The purpose of this post is to ALWAYS watch the tank being filled if you are in a full service location or DO IT YOURSELF.  Do not assume that the person pumping gas can tell the difference between and gas and diesel engine. 

This may have cost hundreds of dollars, regardless of who was paying, if the wrong fuel is introduced to your tank/engine.  The owner of the station was there and said he  had made the mistake a few times over the many years he has been in the business, and it was HUNDREDS of dollars to make right.

So, always be vigilant when you are refueling.  One wrong move and you may not be moving for awhile.

In my case, I have an Itasca Navion, Class C unit and the fuel fill is in the drivers door jam.  So I was right there.  If this was a conventional RV fill, I may NOT have noticed the potential mistake.


  1. I once got decaf in me, and I could not move for a full day!
    Thanks for the tip. I will always be the one putting ANY fluids ( or solids) into my baby.

    I know a lady whose truck engine was fouled very badly by a friends stupidity. Serious business!

  2. Why did gas stations get rid of the oversized diesel pumps that wouldn't fit in a gas unit? I never got that change.