Sunday, October 3, 2010

Harassment of RV owners by town zoning officials

Here is a case that all RVers need to be aware of.  This is a situation where an RV owner in Farmington, CT, just outside Hartford was sent a letter informing him that his RV does not comply with zoning laws.  It says that it is STORED on his property illegally.  In fact, it is used for his work as a traveling reporter for a national publication and had only been on his property for a few days between assignments.  However, the town has threatened to fine him $150 daily if he does not move it.

The RV owner is an investigative reporter for a well know news outlet and has asked for some history of the violation since his letter was dated September 2006.  He got it in Sept 2010.  Here is his Facebook account of the issue.

All RVers who have paid for their units, and pay state and local taxes on it should not be subjected to government interaction like this.  He lives in a single family home, not a condo complex and does not cover his RV with a blue tarp in the winter months.  In fact, he stores it at a storage facility and already has a receipt for the upcoming winter season. 

Do you know of any fellow RVer, or even yourself that has had issues like this?

Here is the FACEBOOK link to the current status of the situation:!/notes/don-barone/the-town-of-farmington-ct-responds-to-my-foi-4/436762522647

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