Friday, October 15, 2010


Came across this article where a law firm talks about a blown tire causing an RV crash.  Notice how they use the term WINNEBAGO to describe the RV, when in fact, no one knows if it is a Winnebago product or not.  Also, the story tells of a FIRE.  The picture does not look like there is any fire at all.  Isnt it interesting how the news media can mix things up and use incorrect terminology?

Here is the link to the story.............

MOTORHOME CRASH Leads to injuries

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  1. In politics, this would be called a "koolaid drinker." There is nothing wrong with the linked article. It isn't "the news media." It is an advertisement for a law firm. WE may not know from the picture whether it is a Winnebago or not, but certainly the AUTHORS knew as it seems obvious that they were involved in the case and are using it as an example in their advertising. The picture completely looks like a fire without question to me. I say cool down on the hyper-sensitivity on this one.