Thursday, April 2, 2015

How close are YOU to being the PERFECT CAMPER?

Often RVers are asked about the PERFECT campground.  Well, here is a case where a Campground Manager is asked about what the PERFECT CAMPER is all about.  We hope you enjoy this piece which we found on  You can subscribe to this free service too.  Just check for the link on the page.  ENJOY!!     VIEW THE VIDEO BY CLICKING ON THIS.

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  1. Comment also entered at video:
    A couple more thoughts on the perfect camper:
    *they are in complete control of their pets at all times and follow the almost universal rules of “leashed at all times and picked up after.”
    *makes sure that with the exception of normal camp gear like BBQ, chairs and table, all toys, clothing, boxes and other paraphernalia is kept at a bare minimum or inside the RV.
    Additionally, as in all cases, a general attitude of consideration for their neighbors…whether in their driving habits, observance of quiet times, etc.
    Thankfully, there are a majority who fit this description.