Saturday, April 23, 2011

TIME TO GET OUT THE RV for the season

We had the occasion to take our Navion out of storage in the first week of April.  It was such a great feeling to drive home, even though the unit was still winterized.  COLD weather delayed our first journey one week.  Then, we headed out to Maine, the next weekend, only to enounter temps in the mid 30s.  Uggh.

We ended up staying in a Marriott that night!  So, now it is April 23 and we still have not yet spent ONE NIGHT in our Navion.

How about you?



  2. Had the camper out last weekend near Mt. Baker, Washington. Yep, it rained all 3 days (and we even had a bit of snow on Sunday) but our group knows how to have fun. I'm ready to go again.

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